Waterjet and Thermal Cutting  |  Examples

We offer prototype and production part cutting services on our waterjet and thermal (plasma and oxyfuel) machines. Whether metallic, non-metallic, in recurring batches, or as a single piece, we strive to deliver your cut parts faster, cheaper, and with the high-quality that you expect. Here's how:

Large cutting area

We have a 12' x 24' waterjet table, and several thermal cutting systems, including a 10' x 20' plasma/oxyfuel table - this means more nesting area, less material handling, and more efficient production.

Virtually any material, up to 8" thick

We routinely cut parts from any steel (stainless, galvanized, carbon) or exotic metal (aluminum, titanium, brass, manganese, inconel.) We also cut non-metallic materials such as ceramic, marble, stone, granite, glass, plastics, foam or rubber.

Quality and cost-effectiveness

Our CADD/CAM and nesting tools ensure cutting precision and high material utilization with minimal waste. We can pierce, notch, bevel, engrave or cut with tolerances at +- .005". In addition, with a waterjet there is no edge distortion nor heat affected zones, eliminating, in most cases, the need for machine finishing.

Our waterjet parts are routinely sent nationwide.