Fan Repair and Balancing  |  Examples

Ontario Mechanical, LLC offers complete industrial fan servicing. We can provide emergency design and fabrication of custom or standard impellers, and rebuild fan bearings, shafts, and wheel housings. In addition, we have the capabilities to perform both static and dynamic balancing of fan wheels, in our shop or in the field.

Some of the industrial and mechanical maintenance, service and repair areas that we typically handle include:

  • Eliminating vibration
  • Improving and extending bearing life
  • Reducing structural stress
  • Lowering noise levels
  • Ensuring air flow through system as designed

This keeps the ventilation system in a safe and working condition, and customer plant activities in high-gear. We are available 24 hours of the day to service your fans and entire pollution control system.

Blast Machine Maintenance  |  Examples

Ontario Mechanical, LLC has personnel with over 20 years experience to provide repair and retrofit services on blast systems used in mills, foundries, and in other manufacturing/process operations.

Typical blast machine service specialties include:

  • blast cabinet re-lining
  • wear / reinforcement place cutting and installation
  • wheel housing fabrication and wheel targeting
  • screw conveyor rebuild or repair
  • bucket, belt, elevator and chute repair
  • air-knife adjustments and rebuilds for blow-off
  • exhaust system (ductwork, blower, and collector) maintenance

Blast systems of particular expertise include Wheelabrator, Pangborn, and Goff.